Supported Hardware

Discussion regarding hardware that is already supported by the ESPproMon app. We will add more sub categories to this section as and when new hardware is confirmed to work with the smartphone app.

App Features

This section provides information regarding the features already in the smartphone app such as GPS, video streaming, geo-located control of home appliances etc. It’s not a section to suggest additional features. When additional features are added to the app they will appear in this section.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Smart Meters

General discussion relating to Smart Meters currently available and the possibility of adding them to the ESPproMon listed of supported hardware.


If you have looked through the topics in the App Features category and you are still struggling with the ESPproMon app please post in this section.


Please feel free to introduce yourself in this section. Perhaps providing your rough location in the world and the hardware you plan to use with ESProMon etc

Feature Requests

Please post in the this section any ideas you have for improving ESPproMon. This section is not for discussion regarding the features that already exist within the app. You can also post requests for us to support additional energy monitoring hardware in this section.