3-phases monitor system


I have a 3-phase installation for my house as it is using a Heat Pump.
I am struggling to find a fully integrated monitoring system.
I know I could use 3 PZEM-004, one for each phase but they would need to be powered from the 3 different phases. That makes a lot of wires.
I was thinking of some firmware change like what OpenMonitor is doing with 3-phases: they approximate the phase delay by sampling delayed values and providing a good estimate of the overall 3-phases consumption based only on one voltage.

Would it be possible with ESPproMon?



@hacen based on the very low cost of the PZEM-004 I would use one for each phase.


Hi Costas
As I said, the issue is not the cost here but the wire congestion.\Being able to connect all meters on a single phase would help a lot.



I seriously doubt that there is a significant voltage difference between the phases, if there is any at all. So I would hook up 3 PZEM’s to one of the phases and measure only current separately.