Connecting a 2nd Device



I have one nodeMcu device working fine with the ESPpromon app and wanted to put an extra device with another pzem-004t and perhaps a relay and temperature probe. First, is this possible? Because i have tried with the same firmware but it connects to my network but don’t seem to be connecting to yours I wondered if you can tell what is going wrong.
Thanks Steve


We have several Pzem’s running at the same time here. We use different login credentials for each one.


Hi Paul thanks for the reply
I decided to purchase a wemos d1 mini pro and flash it with a fresh copy of your firmware just to see how it performed straight from the packet because I wasn’t shore whether my node -mcu had enough flash ram. I have managed to get it working with the app but its not showing as an additional device its either my working node-mcu powered up or the d1 mini powered up separately if that makes sense. The connection to my router shows two EspProMon with different IP addresses so its connected to my router with the same name is this correct or should it be a different name and if so how do you change this. I did try to change the name in the app to EspProMon2 it made no difference to the name of the device in the connected devices in my router. I’m not shore were to go from here is there other setting I need to change in the App or how do I change the login credentials for each device.
Thanks Steve


@stevec2002uk the 2 devices will always be shown with the same node name in the router but with different IP addresses.

We normally use 2 different phones to access out different Pzem’s but there are alternative ways of doing it.

You can sign in with different credentials i.e. a second email address or you can run multiple instances of the app (e.g. with Parallel Space )


I see now I was thinking each device had different credentials.
Thanks Paul