Connecting a PeaceFair Pzem-004T to an Espressif ESP8266


Will check this …


That’s correct.


Ok … I have everything hooked up in a test setup. When I start the ESPproMon App it keeps telling me “EspproMon” is offline. I can see that the device is connected to my AP. Is yjis because my license isn’t activated yet (which I will do right now)


I have received your registration details thanks @Tony
Please confirm the following:

You scanned the required QR image.
You created an account on our cloud based server.


Hmmm … I have the App up and running and yes I scanned the QR code. What server are you referring too ? I registered on


Nothing to do with that comes much later in the setup.

Account creation on our server and provisioning your ESP with our server is covered at Provisioning your ESP8266 with our server

Take a look at this and let us know how it goes.


Logged in indeed … Next step I am asked to chose my Wifi network but only shows one of my SSID’s … not able to selmect another one unless I type it in manually …


I’m intrigued as to why you didn’t see the account creation screens.

Can you post a screenshot of your phone and then we can go through a reset etc.


Guide is unclear in py opinion … We need a clear step by step guide. I did get tyhe login when I was testing a week or so ago … my mistake. So yes, I am logged in now but see message above oin selecting the WIFI network to connect to.


This is the step by step guide that others have used without any problems Step by step guide to setting up ESPproMon

Are you using Android or iOS?

You say you are only being offered one WiFi network, right?


Yes correct … I will post screenshot. Running on latest IOS …


The provisioning guide was written based on Android and iOS is slightly different.

I never use iOS but I do have an iPhone here running ESPproMon purely for test purposes.
If need be I could remove the app and check each stage etc.

What happens when you type in the WiFi network that you want to connect the ESP to and enter the password?


When I manually type the name of the SSID like above and enter the password the device connects to the SSID App says “Connected! You are all set”

After that I can go to the Tariff tab and select parameter 36 for example and enter API key …


And now it also says “firmware is now registered” and the app emailed my token so looks I am set ?


Please remove the API key by selecting the same parameter again and typing one character. Terminal should confirm the API key has been removed. The EmonCMS is an advanced feature that you are not set up to use yet. You have to create feeds in a particular way with this 3rd party server that is not directly part of ESPproMon.

I will provide a screenshot of the settings you require on the EmonCMS network in the coming days.


Seems OK …


Okay … have to go now but will continue setting up tomorrow !


@Tony I have changed your screenshot so your API key for EmonCMS is not visible to the world :slight_smile:


Great thinking ! :slight_smile:


Added some of the basics of setting up EmonCMS at ESPproMon Integration but ensure ESPproMon is fully functional before moving on to this advanced feature.