Connecting a PeaceFair Pzem-004T to an Espressif ESP8266


Please remove the API key by selecting the same parameter again and typing one character. Terminal should confirm the API key has been removed. The EmonCMS is an advanced feature that you are not set up to use yet. You have to create feeds in a particular way with this 3rd party server that is not directly part of ESPproMon.

I will provide a screenshot of the settings you require on the EmonCMS network in the coming days.


Seems OK …


Okay … have to go now but will continue setting up tomorrow !


@Tony I have changed your screenshot so your API key for EmonCMS is not visible to the world :slight_smile:


Great thinking ! :slight_smile:


Added some of the basics of setting up EmonCMS at ESPproMon Integration but ensure ESPproMon is fully functional before moving on to this advanced feature.


Just ran a quick test … everything seems to be fine on measuring level. I can see Voltage, Power consumption … in the App …


@Tony glad it’s all working for you.

I think you are running with an old version of the firmware. We updated it a few days ago for Thingspeak. If your system is running at midnight tonight it should automatically update to the latest version but you can force the update at any time with parameter 24 Check Firmware in the TARIFF tab.

You might want to try the Thingspeak link when you have the new firmware.


I just installed it in my “Live” environment but not sure if this installation is OK. My main circuit breaker has 4 wires. 3 X Brown and 1 Blue. I connected the sensor to the blue wire but get no readings now. Blue seems to be the neutral so which brown wire should I take ? See pictures. Any suggestions ? Thanks !!!


@Tony you need the CT on the main BROWN (live) feed coming into the consumer unit.
I have just photos on this site of our consumer unit, let me see if I can find them.


There is this thread but it’s more to show how neat it all looks with the LED display etc. Sure I have better images.


@Tony the image in that thread is poor but I have highlighted in yellow the 2 CT’s we had in our consumer unit some time ago. Blue is an SCT used with Open Energy Monitor and home brew systems and the black one is Peacefair CT. If you look just above the CT’s you will see they are clamped around the main live in feed (brown wire). The blue CT’s have to be fitted in a particular way i.e. text on the CT facing towards the power source but I’m pretty sure the Peacefair ones can be clamped either way round.


Thank You !!! Now the trick is finding out which of my 3 brown wires is Live …I measured and only the two middle ones (Blue + Brown) are giving 230 V. So I need to put the sensor arond the brown one in the middle probably ? Is it normal that I get no data when on the blue one ?


Yes the brown 230V live is what you need and blue will not give you any data.
Another reason to avoid the hardware that you bought is the solid core CT. Much easier with the split core that Peacefair sell.


Fully agree on the choice !!! I have some spare SCT013-30A/1V from … Can I use that one iso the current one ? Will order another better Peacefair for my final installation indeed !


I also have several SCT013’s from the same manufacturer but no you can’t use them with the Peacefair Pzem. Each CT is calibrated for the system it belongs to. Obviously the SCT013’s are generic and therefore you can use them in home brew systems from the manufacturers data sheet.


OK thanks … For now I will change the sensor to the brown wire and check if I get data. Will order the “nicer” Peacefair though !!! BIG Thanks for all your help !!!


Reconnected and working now !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Some first remarks on the usage if the App on IOS :

When setting up the ESP, no selection possible of available WIFI SSID’s, need manual entry
When ESP loses (good) WIFI access … the App doesn’t seem to reconnect. Message “EspMonPro is offline” keeps repeating. Killing the App and then restarting it does not seem to reconnect. Restarting (power off/on) the ESP does not solve the issue. ESP shows up in it’s “initial” state again and the whole setup process through the App needs to be done again ! All data in the meantime is lost.


I suspect you might have a floating pin that’s clearing the credentials in the EEPROM.