Connecting a PeaceFair Pzem-004T to an Espressif ESP8266


Right … rest is OK ? I will flashg it jow with 32 Mbit setting


Can you send me the temp password ?


Just sent it to you via PM in this forum but it’s connected to one of my WeMos’.


Ok … As I flashed the Wemos again with the right settings, can I now provision mine again ?


With the Gmail account but not live account.

I am still checking out the details for the flashing tool. Not used it for a long time.


Ok thanks !


Flashing looks ok, to be sure I used a new bin with a hostname of ESPproMonTonyA and that appears in the router. But to be sure I will clear the EEPROM with the button in the app and re-provision with the iPhone.

How are you getting on with the Gmail account as you don’t appear to have a project set up on our server yet?


When I try to log in with the gmail account I still get the “This app is no longer available” message !


If you log in with live do you see the demo data from my WeMos?


Yes I do … That’s OK …


I have just deleted the Gmail account from the server. Try to create the account again.


Same … “This app is no longer available” message !


Did you reinstall the app?


No … Didn’t know I had to … Will do it right now and try to login again …


I mentioned it a few posts ago. You shouldn’t have to but something as gone astray somewhere.

WAIT let’s try yet another account. It’s strange that live is ok but not gmail.

I will PM you with details.


It’s OK now after I killed and re-installed the APP … Was able to login with gmail account …


Should I start provisioning again ?


Yes I can see that the Gmail account has a live project on the server.

Go through provisioning.

Think the problem all along was that you was flashing as 512 MB device not a 4MB device. The flash size in Mbit is 8 times the RAM size. I am doing some screenshots.


Okay … Up and running in demo again, naked Wemos …


Will let it run for an hour and keep you posted !