ESPproMon Project Updates


It has now been more than 12 months since we released the ESPproMon firmware. The project now operates as a Blynk project rather than a standalone app.

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Dear @Costas take your decisions and let us know. As you know I am one of your clients.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

P.S. it is sad that your fine App did not attracted users. I think that it was deserved it …


Dear @Costas,
a few days ago the application stopped to work as you told us. What is the next step?
Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


Hi Mike,

At this time there are no plans to support the ESPproMon firmware.



Could you to provide source code on the arduino plataform for who bought the firmware?


This is a very bad announcement for all of us that are your customers and we have paid your software. At least, as a good sign from you, release the Arduino sketch to us in order to make it in Blynk cloud.


Anyone that is not happy can apply for a refund but the source code will not be made available.


Ok how can I apply for refund? I am interested in as a fair solution.


Hi Paul,
It’s a pity your APP is down right now… I wish you good luck for your future projects!!

Best regards



Refund processed.




Hi, Sad to hear, but thanks for the support and help in the past days. I used app for reasonable time.


Dear Sirs, now that the feature rich ESPproMON App permanently stopped working, I trying to reprogram my WeMos D1 mini that some days ago has @Costas firmware, to have a simplified cut down version running on the Blynk cloud. So far the early mockup is working. I have one question though: I know that the power factot is something that we can calculate, so what is the formula to do this calculation? I have the standard PZEM-004 and I use the most popular Arduino library:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


To answer my question, for the help of anyone looking for this, see the below link that explain everything:


Power factor is included within the library provided by olehs, you don’t need to calculate it.


Thanks @Costas.
I use this library but I found only Voltage, Current, Power and Energy. What function is for Power Factor?


Take a look at pf in


Many thanks @Costas. I did already "outside"the library, as you can see, it is just a simple calculation.
Thanks anyway.


ESPproMon is now available as a Blynk project rather than a standalone app.

At this present time it simply displays the data from the Pzem on your smartphone and saves the data to Thingspeak and EmonCMS.

QR code image and the bin file is available at

Once you have flashed your ESP8266 it will create an access point for your phone or PC to connect to.
Access point is called PzemHouse with a password of p4ssword.

Once you have selected the access point you need to go to in a browser.

There are 5 parameters to set for ESPproMon

The URL for OTA updates and the blynk server address that you need to enter are shown in the screenshot below. Please note there are two different URL’s for OTA updates as covered in the setup instructions at!/setup. Obtain your Blynk token from the project in Blynk and you can enter a single space for each of the Thingspeak and EmonCMS keys if you haven’t created accounts with Thingspeak or EmonCMS.

You don’t need to enter anything for the (IP unset) fields. Once you save the details your project should be running.


If you haven’t created accounts with Thingspeak or EmonCMS ensure you set “Webhooks Stopped” in the SETUP tab as shown below.

Our public channel at Thingspeak is and EmonCMS is at

Thingspeak is free for the volume of data we use but there is a cost of a few dollars per year for EmonCMS.

Once you are ready to add your KEYS select the option from the CHANGE PARAMETERS drop down menu and enter the key value in the PARAMETERS text input box.

You can then start up the data transmissions to Thingspeak or EmonCMS by clicking the red Webhooks Stopped button.