Free internet Money From Bezant


If you know what you are doing in crypto there is a sh*t load of money to be made and also the potential to lose everything if you don’t take the time to learn the pitfalls. The easiest way is to dream up a token and persuade gullible individuals that your are going to build a blockchain project that will change the world.

Tell them you are going to be the next Amazon, Facebook or YouTube and then send the people a progress report every 3 months from your luxury yacht. Yes that is what some blockchain projects do as they have no intention of building anything. Some projects start off with good intentions but they don’t have the required skill set to actually complete the project.

Investors, or technically participants, have no legal recourse as the whitepaper will clearly state you are simply purchasing some tokens that may or not have a function at a future date.

If you like the lottery you could roll a dice and put your money in one of the top six coins by market cap and hope you get lucky. Some of these tokens will be worth nothing in the next few years but if you are very, very lucky the coins might be worth quite a bit more than you paid for them.

Day trading is for mugs and 90% of them lose money so the chances of you coming out on top are very slim. If you have plenty of time on your hands and are prepared to work for next to nothing you could look at the many airdrops offered by a lot of these blockchain projects.

You will receive free tokens for performing menial tasks like retweeting, tweeting and joining Telegram groups etc. Some of the projects ask you to write blog posts, like this one, in return for tokens but be sure not to shill other individuals in the crypto community. Only include text in your blogs that you know to be accurate. Details of the Bezant airdrop can be found here.

Tokens will be awarded as follows:

Rank 1-500 will get 600 tokens each.
Rank 501-1000 will get 300 tokens each.
Rank 1001-2000 will get 200 tokens each.
Rank 2001 - 3000 will get 100 tokens each.
1 lucky person in the bounty program will get The Grand Prize of 150,000 Bezant Tokens.

Thanks for reading this brief intro to the world of crypto.
Be lucky.