General news regarding the ESPproMon Community site


You can keep up to date with what’s happening on this site whilst you are out and about. Looks pretty good on a mobile phone.


Well we have now passed the first hurdle of 30 topics in the Community. For the admin team there was an annoying banner at the top of each page until we reached this target.

There is still a smaller banner, which we could manually disable, that tells us we have less than 50 users. To help us along the system will grant everyone a trust level of 1, rather than 0 for new users.

Onwards to 50+ users then.


We have now added SSL to the site so you should see https rather than http for the site address.


Yes! Desktop notifications now work :smiley: Thank you.


We still have a few more Discourse plugins to add to the site so it will be “down” for short periods in the next few days.

It currently takes around 20 minutes to rebuild the site when we make changes but this is likely to increase a little as the site gets bigger. If you have the site open in a browser when the site is taken down you should be shown a network error message similar to the one below:
ESPproMon site maintenance resized
You can click the blue Try Again button because it may have been a temporary internet routing issue but if it fails a second time we are probably in maintenance mode.

However if you visit the site when it’s already down you will receive a 50x error code in your browser (site is dead) like the image below.

ESPproMon site maintenance 50X error cropped
Seeing the “dead” site is not very pleasant for users and not good for our SERPS if Google happens to pop along to crawl the site when it’s down. We have a read only snapshot of this site tied to an IP address half a world away from the live server. What we can do is a 302 temporary redirect from the ESPproMon domain to the snapshot of the server in read only mode.

As the name suggests it allows users to read topics but nothing else, you can’t even login, but it’s perhaps much better than being told the site is dead :slight_smile:


ESPproMon Site In Maintenance Mode


Normal service has now been resumed.