Lets try to save this great app


Hi Paul
Two things well thee or four
Never call your customers on a nearly public platform and supply the app with a trial period as it is the best app by far people want cheep I know, you need to make a living its not for love. Also simplify the app to be user friendly for jo blogs in the street and design your own product board and clip on ct or design it for the electrical industry for testing single and three phase equipment temperature or other devices plugin with SIM card where it can be left at a customers premises. To monitor problem circuit or machine That need urgent attention if it fails.All the hard work has been done in the app. You do have an obligation to the people who brought the app perhaps a add on for self hosting or easy migration to blynk with a QR code get the people who still want the use of the app to stump up the cash because there a lot of people that didn’t pay for the app esp boards for sale.
Sorry about the grammar I am just a autistic electrician.
Keep fighting Steve
Scheetham@ntlworld .com


Hi Steve,

I considered providing a full product but I was worried that I would be left with unsold stock. It would also push up the costs significantly with import duties and postage costs etc.



Hi Paul
Sorry to go on but it annoys me that people are not supporting you they can see the effort you have put into this. All for the price of a cup off coffee a week. People need to donate something for effort alone. Please let me know if you decide to run your own server I for one
Will help with the costs. All those people that have been using the app for free for the last six months shame on you anything for nothing.
All the best steve