It has now been more than 6 months since we released the ESPproMon firmware. Regrettably only a handful of users have bought the firmware during this time.

The cost of using the servers provided by Blynk and the time required to support ongoing firmware updates means the project is not financially viable in the current form.

Therefore, with regret, the current system will be disabled in the next few days.

As some of you know we also have our own cloud server, independent of Blynk, and it would technically be possible to migrate to this server. It would mean that users would run the Blynk app rather than the ESPproMon app and an ESPproMon project within the Blynk app.

There are some advantages to this as the Blynk app is being constantly improved with new features etc. We could re-code the firmware to use WiFi Manager in place of Blynk provisioning.

Using our own server would keep costs to an acceptable level but at this present time the user base is probably too low to warrant the migration. We will keep this under review and advise accordingly in due course.


Dear @Costas take your decisions and let us know. As you know I am one of your clients.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

P.S. it is sad that your fine App did not attracted users. I think that it was deserved it …