Latest screenshots for version 32 of ESPproMon below.

In the LOG tab we have added basic logging details. When the Pzem is installed in your consumer unit or if you are connecting the Pzem directly to the RX and TX pins, Serial Monitor logging is not available.

The red button shown as OFF is for a relay connected to D1 (GPIO 5). You can change this to a pin of your choice. To the left of the button is the Eventor widget where you can schedule events and notifications. So if power goes above say 4000 Watts you receive a PUSH message / email etc. Eventor has a very useful scheduler too so you can trigger relays at certain times of the day.


If anyone has any features they would like to see added to the project please post in this section or send us a DM.


Latest screenshots for version 34 of ESPproMon below.

Full Serial Monitor replacement with Blynk Terminal now available. The only time it is not available is during the first WiFi Manager parameter setting procedure. Subsequent changes to parameters held in SPIFFS with WiFi Manager are displayed in Terminal.

I have never been a massive fan of end users having to modify the Pzem in anyway but I have to agree that the fairly straightforward process of adding the 1K resisitor and using hardware serial does give better results than using software serial.