Peacefair Pzem-004T with EmonCMS Integration Weekly Data to 18 Feb 2018



We have previously posted about integrating your Peacefair Pzem-004T with 3rd party IOT networks like EmonCMS and Thingspeak at ESPproMon Integration but this post covers are actual data. It includes the weekly power usage email from EmonCMS and a screenshot of the EmonCMS App that covers the data in the email.

You will see quite a wide variation in the daily usage from 7.1 KWH up to 13.3 KWH and usage to the week ending 18 Feb 2018 being 12% higher than the previous week. This is basically down to the amount of cooking and baking we do each day as our cooker is the main power hungry device in our property. Maybe I will hook up a gas supply for some of our cooking moving forwards. Not as convenient as cooking with electric but certainly quite a bit cheaper here.