Provisioning your ESP8266 with our server


am I receiving. -1 datas from Pzem??


-1 is the default from the Pzem when there is a problem.


The ESPproMon app keeps returning to “Please configure the device” after I went through the steps to connect to my Wifi network, connect to the device (SSID ESPPro) and passing through connecting to cloud. The Wemos D1 mini was flashed to the latest software. I tried provisioning using another new account and the error repeated (so far on 3 Wemos devices). I checked my router and the Wemos is connected to my home network after provisioning.

What should I do next ? The Wemos is not connected to the PZEM 004 yet.


I would like to know how you did to load the firmware in the esp. I have problems with that