Registering your copy of ESPproMon


Once you have seen the features available in ESPproMon you can continue to use it in demo mode indefinitely and features like the video streams will work without registering the firmware.

But to use all the features available in ESPproMon you will need to obtain a license for the firmware.

The licensing process is as follows:

  1. Select parameter 30, Request Firmware, from the drop down menu on the tariff page and you will be prompted to enter your email address.

    As shown in the screenshot we will email you when your copy of the firmware has been licensed.

  2. Once you are notified select parameter 28, Validate Firmware, from the menu. You will see confirmation in the Terminal that the firmware is now registered to you.

There is a nominal sum payable to register the firmware of $9.95 USD and this is a contribution to the development work already completed and ongoing improvements. Please send us a PM by clicking our avatar followed by the Message button for further details or access the Paypal payment page here.

Step by step guide to setting up ESPproMon