Serial Communication protocol for PEACEFAIR?


Dear @Costas @Paul, dear all,
where can I find the Serial Communication protocol for PEACEFAIR?
I mean the way that we can ask and take date through the TTL Port.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


Each Pzem-004T provided by Peacefair comes with a detailed explanation of the serial protocol. It’s contained in a handy A3 document, in English and Chinese, which also covers the basic wiring diagram.

You will also find the specifications for the hardware and details of how to reset the cumulative energy to date within this document.

For most ESPproMon users they will not require this information though as the firmware we provide takes care of the serial protocol used by Peacefair.


Thanks @Costas @Paul.
I will search in the shipping box later, because I did not see this A3 page but I am not sure…
Of course your excalent app take care the communication using the Peacefair protocol… The question was in case of separate usege of Peacefair and your app.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


The A3 document is folded down into passport size.