SERP for Smart Meters and Home Automation


Is was quite easy to take top spot with search engines for the term ESPproMon and we currently hold the entire front page with the leading search engines.

We are now moving on to generic terms and this will be much more difficult as there are some big players in the market, which we will not name here as we plan to use this to our benefit moving forwards.

The hardware provided by PeaceFair is our recommended system for most, but not all, users and we are pleased to currently hold positions 1, 3 and 5 with the best known search engine for the term PeaceFair Pzem hardware. We have tweaked some of the category names and posts to incorporate 004T as that is the hardware best suited for use with an ESP8266 and the ESPproMon smartphone app.

In the coming weeks we will see how this affects our SERP. As part of our ongoing promotion for the app we have recently acquired a couple of interesting domain names that should help us compete with the big boys. we know it’s going to be a challenge but we feel there is a big, untapped market of users crying out for systems that cost less than $50 and offer much more flexibility than the rigid / proprietary systems of those offered by the high street names.

Onwards and upwards.