Server error or what?


Dear @Costas from today night I faced on a disconnection of the hardware as it’s showing in the App. This happened in my house that the router is working, internet is fine and the ESPproMON ( WEMOS D1 mini ) is constantly appears in the router’s connected device list. Is the server with the problem or what to check? Just to make clear that still disconnected around 2.5 hours and continues…

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


I suspect it was a server error as I noticed the same thing here. All OK now.


OK, thanks.


Dear @Costas the disconnections are on today also. Do you know why? The server that my hardware is connected to is yours or Blynk? Please explain the situation.



You are connected to a Blynk server.


Ah, I see. Can you check with them why so often and big disconnections ?



I have had no disconnections today so it’s likely to be a problem at your end.


Very strange. The rest of my Blynk projects sharing exactly the same infrastructure Using the Blynk cloud server, didn’t have even one single disconnection…