Setting "Energy to Yesterday"



I want to sync ESPproMon with my energy meter(s). So I selected the parameter “Energy to yesterday” and entered the Kwh setting (16907). However the app still shows the “old” setting (552.358) Kwh. Am I doing something wrong ? Are there any plans to allow entering multiple measurements ? I have energy meters 18.1, 18.2, 28.1 and 28.2 on my meters.

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Hi @Tony

The “Energy to yesterday” originally had two functions.

Firstly to obtain the energy used today when you first set up the ESPproMon app. Energy today is simply cumulative energy used less what was used up to midnight last night. So when you first set up the app all the cumulative energy on the Pzem meter would be shown incorrectly as today’s usage if you don’t define the usage up to midnight yesterday.

If users don’t allocate a cumulative usage to midnight yesterday when they first set up the app the current day usage will be corrected at midnight following the first day’s usage.

Secondly it was designed for cheaper monitoring systems where a reboot of the “meter” loses all the data i.e. the ACS712 and Open Energy Monitor hardware.

The Pzem has the benefit of retaining energy usage after a reboot but the problem is that unless you power up the Pzem at exactly the same time as your physical electric meter is installed they will always be out of sync.

So the idea is that you only sync the data based on each meter reading by the electric company. That is on the day the meter is read you physically go through the reset procedure (not a simple reboot) of the Pzem. Then the app is in sync for your current billing cycle. Hope that makes sense.

Could you expand on this.

We don’t currently have any plans to hook up more than one meter as we are guessing that 99% of households only have a single meter.


Hmmm … I see. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just enter what’s on your meter so you can check if they remain in sync with the App or need adjustment/calibration ?

Regarding my meters :

1,8,1 Total Kwh consumption at High rate (daytime usage)
1,8,2 Total Kwh consumption at low rate (after 10 pm and on weekends)
2.8.1 Total kWh injection at High Rate (produced by solar during daytime)
2.8.2 Total Kwh injection at Low Rate (produced (after 10 pm and on weekends)


ESPproMon is a generic app for various energy monitoring systems. The Pzem has a cumulative reading for energy used since the last reset but some systems lose all their data when you power them off.
It could be done but we see it as a bill monitoring system rather than a meter to meter syncing system.

Do you have 1 or 2 physical meters i.e. a consumption and an injection meter or is it all combined into one?


It’s actually one combined meter Paul. It alternately shows the 4 values. So actually the measurement of 1.8.1 + 1.8.2 should return the same value as measured by the PZEM and the actual consumption should be (1.8.1 + 1.8.2) - (2.8.1 + 2.8.2) I think.


@Tony have you tried adding the Pzem CT to the solar feed to see what the Pzem data shows?


Not yet Paul. I have just received my “final” PZEM module with the build in display and I’m going to complete and finalize this first. I will use the “old” PZEM to try and monitor my solar system. Will keep you posted !