Smart Meter Quick Start Guide


We are constantly looking at ways to make people aware of the app.

You and I are in perhaps the 1% of the global population that have the required hardware and skillset to use ESPproMon as it is today. That said, that’s still 76 million potential customers.

Obviously if we shipped out a Pzem, Wemos and ESPproMon the potential customer base probably goes over 1 billion so huge potential.

If we could somehow push up the current user base to reasonable numbers it would be easier to gain momentum for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Tongue in cheek we promote our app as a cheaper, but more useful product, than Google Nest and British Gas Hive. For the very technical then that’s probably not such a false claim but for Joe Public it’s a long way from competing against these guys as it is today.

If the app can attract more users we might look at doing an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) so I’ll put your name down as the first participant with free bonus tokens :slight_smile:


Now that you have asked that question I’m afraid I’m going to have to move you out of the 1% category into the 99% category :slight_smile:


Apparent power is simply V * I
Real power is apparent power with pF correction and the figure used by the power companies on your electric bill.


@Tony can we keep as many posts on this site as possible as it helps with our SERP. Even DM via this site is better than email that has not benefit for our SERP.

The product you refer to is nothing compared with the flexibility of our app. Our app let’s you actually watch the burglars go about their business in your home when you are away :slight_smile:

You say that ESPproMon could never be a consumer product but I would strongly disagree. For Nest and Hive you order the product and a professional installs the kit. The same would apply for a complete ESPproMon system but at half the price charged by Google and British Gas.

Although I would be interested in reaching out to “makers” around the world to use ESPproMon I think that if it was done right then it could be purchased by Joe Public, where the volumes would be much, much higher.


@Tony I looked at the Kickstarter campaign that you referred to and it’s looks like it went quite well. Gives me a few things to think about.

Have you received your hardware from that campaign yet?


By consumer I indeed meant “Joe Public with two left hands” … An installer is a whole different story !


Actuall I didn’t order it yet as I have build it myself. I will eventually order it anyway just to support them. I have it up and running in test mode. Misses a few essentials but nice project. I am writing some code for it myself. What it’s missing for example are entry and exit delays so that your alarm doesn’t go off when you enter the house. I set up a test with some code and my Sonos system telling that you should enter a PIN vcode or the siren will go off. I am using a RFID reader + PIN code to arm/disarm the alarm.


You built one from parts they provide or your own parts?

I have RFID stuff here including 100+ cards etc.


@Tony do you know how much it is to setup a Ltd liability company is Belgium?

In the UK it’s only about £10 and can all be done online. Here in Cyprus it’s €1K if you have good contacts, which I do, but quite often upwards of €2K.

Belgium might not be the best place to register a company though as some jurisdictions are against ICO’s (US and China for example). Actually Cyprus is quite a good place except for the premium costs.


My own parts … The RFID stuff I bought in China …


Wouldn(t recommend Belgium to set up a company … Way too complicated … Must be other interesting places.


Can you test the password change for the old Gmail account on your iPhone.

For me it seems ok on iOS but not Android.


In my country we have huge demand for this app, I try to do resell last time as you may recall, but have to find a way for consistent support.

But total population is less than 400,000, not sure if you believe it :grin: