Step by step guide to setting up ESPproMon


Outlined below are the basic steps required to use ESPproMon on your phone.

  1. Flash your ESP8266 with the latest version of the firmware as detailed in the accordion section of our smartphone app, promotional site. If you have any questions regarding the flashing process you may post a reply to this post.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the provisioning process that you will go through on your smartphone.

  3. Below is the QR code image that 99% of users will need to scan with their smartphones. We will update the post at QR code images when we start using the additional images that are already embedded within the app.
    QR code image for ESPproMon

  4. From your phone, download the app from the Google Play Store or from iTunes and follow the procedure covered in steps 2 and 3 above.

  5. Check out our quick start guide to configure the app and the ESP with you chosen hardware (PeaceFair Pzem, Open Energy Monitoring, ACS712 etc)

  6. Review the firmware registration details.

If you have any questions please reply to this post.

Connecting a PeaceFair Pzem-004T to an Espressif ESP8266
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When trying link to download latest firmware I receive “Access to this resource on the server is denied!” page.


Can you try again as the other server was down for maintenance.

Please confirm you get the file.