Timer control of your home appliances


Currently ESPproMon has “4 timers” for you to schedule your appliances to switch on and off during the day.

In the middle of the data page there are 2 timers labelled SCHEDULE #1 and SCHEDULE #2.

On the Setup page there are 2 timers labelled TIMER #1 and TIMER #2

So what’s the difference between a scheduled event and a timer event?

The screenshot on the left is a scheduled event and allows you to set which days the timed events will be actioned. Whereas the screenshot on the right will simply activate at the same time every day.

We provide 2 scheduled based timers because you might want different time settings for the weekend, when you are home, compared with during the week when you are out at work. There’s not much point turning on your heating system if you are not home, but you can schedule the boiler to fire up say 1 hour before you normally arrive home.

If your “schedule” changes during the day, working overtime or straight off to the pub after work, you simply change the schedule on your smartphone.

The firmware is currently coded to activate an RF transmitter on GPIO 16 (D0) and switch a relay on / off attached to GPIO 4 (D2) when the scheduled ON / OFF times are reached. So if you have 2 appliances controlled by the RF transmitter and the Relay they will both come ON and go OFF at the same time.

TIMER #1 and TIMER #2 are not currently tied to any pins on the ESP8266 as we are waiting for feedback, from you the ESPproMon users. Maybe, like the SCHEDULER #1 and SCHEDULER #2, they should control both the RF transmitter and the Relay, or TIMER #1 for RF transmitter and TIMER #2 the relay. Let us know which you prefer.

ESPproMon is so flexible, we simply modify the firmware on our server and your ESP8266 automatically downloads it.

PeaceFair Pzem-004T Energy Meters

Update with firmware version 00217: TIMER #1 and TIMER #2 are now tied to the RF transmitter on GPIO 16 (D0) and the relay attached to GPIO 4 (D2). So they match SCHEDULER #1 and SCHEDULER #2 except that the scheduler’s allow you to also select which days of the week the timed event will trigger.