User defined currency selection with ESPproMon


At the present time ESPproMon supports the following currencies from the LOCAL CURRENCY drop down menu on the setup page:

£ Sterling, Pounds for whatever countries use this currency
$ Dollar
€ Euro
¥ Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan
₱ Philippine Peso
/- Maldivian rufiyaa (spare S7 menu item)
RM Malaysian Ringgit
₫ Vietnamese Dong

Plus currency symbols with alphabetic notation of A through to Z.

Below is a screenshot with the newly implemented Maldivian rufiyaa /-. It’s not currently possible for us to .ރ as it’s not supported by the version of Arduino IDE we are using.

We now have just 6 spare currency slots, available with S1 through to S6, which will not cover the currencies for the rest of the world. That’s why we also provide the alphabetic notation A to Z, so for example the Maldivian rufiyaa could use M. Not ideal and we will look to implement a truly personalised currency notation such as .ރ as the app develops.

The .ރ could be added via the Terminal with a very minor modification to the ESPproMon firmware, within the next couple of days, if it’s important to users.

Providing your ESPproMon is powered up over the next 24 hours the Maldivian rufiyaa will be available for selection on your smartphone, via the automatic firmware updates, by selecting S7 from the LOCAL CURRENCY menu.

If you don’t want to wait for the automatic update you can force the firmware update now by selecting parameter 24 Check Firmware on the tariff page.

Hopefully this small feature demonstrates just how flexible ESPproMon is but we wouldn’t really consider local currency notation a show stopper one way or the other.


Update: Maldivian rufiyaa is now available as MVR as a firmware update from our cloud based server. See latest screenshot below.


Great Thanks a lot


@iocircuits have you done a firmware upgrade and does MVR now show in the app when you select “S7” currency?

Just checking that all is working as expected?


Hello Sir,

Not sure why my ESP does not come online now, do i have to flash bin file again, appreciate if you could send the latest bin file. Thanks


@iocircuits open the TARIFF page and watch the Terminal output as you reset your ESP8266.

On the DATA page what do you currently have as the NEXT VERSION?

Select parameter 24 Check Firmware from TARIFF page and see if the NEXT VERSION increases by 1.

Let me know how you go.


what is component this project? then can i get see the complete circuit this project


@Hazim_Fahmi_Ghafar welcome to the ESPproMon community site. The app requires an ESP8266 (less than $5) and energy monitoring hardware like the Peacefair Pzem-004T (about $12).

Details of how to wire up the hardware to the ESP8266 are all included on this site but let us know if you need any particular information.