Video streams for your property surveillance


This thread will be used to discuss the video streaming facility built into the ESPproMon app.

There are currently two streams available for you to use. One on the tariff page and one on the setup page.

The screenshots above were taken with a relatively old Samsung S3 running Android 4.3.


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“First” post by Paul (aka Costas the coder) rather than “Costas” himself.


YouTube link for ESPproMon:



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Top Tips for optimum video streaming with ESPproMon coming soon …


Top Tips coming soon and news that iOS now includes video streaming.
But until then a very short video taken a few days ago during our testing with an Android emulator.

The image is much clearer when it’s not running through YouTube but it gives you an idea of what to expect.


We are still working on the video streaming tips but meanwhile we thought you might like our latest video for Google Nest Home Automation Cameras compared with the ESPproMon Smartphone app.


Just a quick post of a screenshot taken on an iPhone of the video streaming feature for iOS devices.
Video Stream on iOS devices