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Paul, Costas and the ESPproMon Team


Hello there. Here I am too!
I wish all the best for this lovely project.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


@mikekgr you should have access to the private group now. I will send you a message from there.


I’d love access as well :slight_smile:


You’ll have it once you become at least Regular.


Now now don’t start making demands :wink:


Hi @wanek good to see you here.



thanks! wish you great success with this initiative! :wink:
you probably already put lots of effort into this stuff.


Thanks @wanek the app was published in the Google Play store late yesterday but we have some fine tuning to do, to say the least :slight_smile:


Paul when it was published? Idon’t see it from there


Just sent you a PM @castle6758 with the Google Play store listing.

Has your Pzem-004 arrived?


not yet, will take couple of weeks, expected two more weeks more.


Hi all. Frank Trudeau here.
Located in Quebec Canada.

Have a couple of the PZEM-004 ( ver 3.0)
2 Solid coils and 1 split coil.
And some Esp 8266 chips (smt type, no pins and no usb port) just the built-in antenna and and socket for external antenna.

I am trying to integrate the esp8266 in to the housing with an external antenna. Just got dig up my espressif documentation and tinker.
Here in Canada our power panels are very different from European panels.


@DevIoTCanada welcome to the site Frank. Is it an ESP-07 that you have?


@DevIoTCanada I looked at the photo of your electric meter but it was a little unclear.
Are there 2 black wires above the meter that become the same 2 black wires entering your consumer unit? If there are 2 live feeds coming from the meter then you will need to wire up 2 Pzem’s.