What if you move to other WiFi AP?


Dear @Costas @Paul,
I wondering how your application will handle the case of WiFi AP changing.
Ex in the place that the ESPproMon is installed, if the owner for some reason change the WiFi AP, how your app will be reacted?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


Hi Mike,

If an ESPproMon user plans to change their WiFi access point credentials or move their ESP8266 to another property the easiest way is to clear the EEPROM from the option within the smartphone app.

This will ensure that the ESP can be re-provisioned as covered in our article at Provisioning your ESP8266 with our server

The feature in the app should be used before the changes are made to your router or you move the ESP to another property or business.

If you forget to do it before the change / move the guide provides useful information on how to manually clear the EEPROM etc.


OK it is very clear now.

Do you consider to implement manual entry for SSID, PASSWORD through the terminal ( of course when you still in the “know” WiFi AP ) and then storage these credential in EEPROM in order to be used in the next reset or power on?


The provisioning process is much more user friendly than entering credentials via the Terminal. Provisioning is also much more than just the access point details as it collects your required security token from the cloud based server.