What is happened?


Dear @Costas
A few minutes ago, after a short mains blackout, my ESPproMon doesn’t started properly. Initially I realized that looking at the Android app and then I found ESPproMon AP generated… Please see the attached picture shows what I got when I connected to ESPproMon AP and going to

Please tell me what goes wrong and what to do to resolve the problem.


Looks like the credentials stored in the ESP8266 have been removed or your router wasn’t up before the ESP.

If your router is working try rebooting the ESP. If this doesn’t work reflash the firmware to the ESP.


I did provision again, followed the steps described here and then everything went in the normal operation. Unknown what caused the problem tho.


It’s simple, Mike, as Costas already guessed - your esp wake up faster than your router after blackout and had no other choice than to go into AP mode. You should just restart it after you got wifi connection, no need for provisioning.


Dear friend, before I re follow the provision way, I tried many times to restart, power off waiting 5 minutes and power on again… and all failed.
I don’t know why and for this reason I asked the question here.
Anyway, I appreciate your help try.

Thanks and best regards,
Mike Kranidis


I must say that’s really strange. I work with ESP on a daily basis and this never happened to me. ESP will often wake up before router in AP mode, but simple reset after wifi connection is established brings it back to network.